Vlog #4: 21 August 2017
The Pacific Fashion Festival is in its 4th year running for the cause of empowering women in our community. We have a powerful message, alongside fabulous fashion, showcasing on 28 October 2017 at Cloudland, Brisbane.

Vlog News: 7 August 2017
Currently focused on upcoming law exams at Bond University. Then I will be back to share fresh and informative new vlogs again from Monday 21 August. Wish me luck! Thanks, Miriam.

Vlog #3: 24 July 2017
Unga Folau Tupou, President of The Leniata Legacy, shares her vision and insight into the horrific domestic violence phenomena for our Pacific Dialogue series.

Vlog #2: 10 July 2017
Tracy Wilson, owner of Business Beyond 5, shares 5 reasons why businesses fail and her ‘5 Steps to Business Breakthrough’ for our Pacific Dialogue series.

Vlog #1: 26 June 2017
Neil Fairhead, co-founder of Australia’s largest online shopping platform, Aussie Mega Mall, shares 3 tips on online business success through our Pacific Dialogue discussion.

24 June 2017
Our Pacific Dialogue series launches on Monday 26 June. The line-up of experts who will share their success tips & knowledge is exciting. Here’s our vlog intro reel with a reggae feel.

14 June 2017
Two years after launching this hub, we’re excited to deliver the first of many video blogs where experts versed in business success, legal knowledge & various lifestyle skills share their tips. Our Pacific Dialogue series kicks off on 26 June 2017.