10 Things You May Not Know About Me

How quickly did 2016 fly by? Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! 🙂

Before another year ends, I thought I might do something different that isn’t my normal deep and meaningful blog. Something light-hearted and [gulp!] share 10 things you probably didn’t know about me [hold the judgement 😉 ]. Here goes:

  1. I. Love. High. Heels.

To a ridiculous degree! To almost the status of Imelda Marcos. Some people collect stamps, I collect shoes … which is very practical of me 😉 On a serious note, I love how a nice pair of heels pull an outfit together and I also appreciate the art of high-heel design. My mother purchased my first pair of lace ups when I was 16 and I’ve been hooked ever since [thanks mum].


  1. Perfume For Every Occasion

My second obsession after shoes are perfumes. I love how a nice fragrance can linger in a room or bring back wonderful memories. I collect miniature bottles and currently have a hundred. What I love most about perfumes is the psychology behind the power of fragrance; that different scents evoke different emotions.

  1. I Am a Proud Tomboy

Besides being a high-heel wearing perfume collector, I was a big tomboy growing up and still am to a certain degree. I love sports and do boxing; I collect knives and enjoy a good shooting range with a .45 calibre. Fast cars; with Porsches being my favourite, and road bikes give me a complete rush.


  1. Creepy Crawlies Don’t Scare Me

The perks of being a tomboy is that spiders, bugs or any creepy crawlies don’t scare me. Maybe I’m a secret Spiderwoman or maybe I’m just nuts! But I am the delegated creepy crawlie catcher at home [sorry hubby, didn’t mean to dob you in]. 😀

  1. I Love Heights

I know, am I crazy?! I love heights a great deal that I’ve skydived from 14,000 feet, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, climbed to the top of Q1 on the Gold Coast, hot-air ballooned and flown in a helicopter. And there’s still more height-climbing adventures on my to-do list; bring it on I say.

  1. Hosting Parties Is My Thing

I love getting friends together whenever schedules allow and my most favourite way is through hosting parties. Some memorable themed parties over the years were “Superheros and Villains”, “Bring Back the 70s”, “Halloween Thriller Night” & “Miri in New York City”.

However, my most favourite have always been hosting dinner parties at home. Bring out some good red wine [St. Hallett’s preferably], a Cuban cigar [Montecristo is my favourite], quality conversations with good music in the background and I’m in friend heaven.


  1. Outgoing Introvert

If you met me in person, you’d be surprised to know that I’m an introvert. Perhaps, I have fully over-compensated for being painfully shy when I was younger. I enjoy being around friends and family; and love meeting new people, yet I definitely need alone time afterwards to recharge.

  1. A Complete Neat Freak

I’d probably be wiping the stain from your coffee cup the second you lift it off the bench to take a sip 😉 No, just joking. However, I’m unable to think, work or study when the area I’m in or my home is untidy. Once my space is in order, then my mind can properly function. Dust is not my friend!

9. I Can’t Get Enough of “House of Cards” TV Show

Secretly, I wish I was Claire (Robin Wright’s character) from “House of Cards” TV show. Well, the curly-haired Fijian version anyway. Claire is ruthless and unapologetic; whereas I am, at times, too nice and accomodating. I love shows about politics and power, so House of Cards (and that haunting intro music) remain my not-so-guilty pleasures during down-time.

  1. First Concert

The first concert I ever attended was in Melbourne, for Michael Jackson’s “HIStory World Tour” in November 1996. I was Michael’s biggest fan that I knew of with a love for all of his music.  It was a magical concert and truly unforgettable.MJ

Well, there you have it – some of me in a nutshell. Before I shut down and get ready for the festive season, I’d like to wish you a wonderful and safe Christmas; a very happy and prosperous new year. Thank you for your support in 2016 and I look forward to growing with you all in 2017 – Miri.

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