Fashion For This Much Needed Cause In Our Society

I never thought I’d be involved in the fashion industry.  It wasn’t in my career plans after completing my Bachelor of Business degree at Bond University.

However, sometimes life throws twists and turns that we may have never considered before but somehow they still lead to our ultimate goals.


I have been asked so many times in the last couple of months,

How did the House of Ratu come about?”

Well …  I saw an opportunity in the marketplace to design elegant sophisticated cocktail wear for the islander-city woman. 

I noticed a gap in the market that there were no designs targeted at the woman who may have been born in the Pacific islands but grew up in cosmopolitan cities like Melbourne. So these ladies embody two contrasting cultures, which I display in their attire.


However, more than seeing an opportunity in the marketplace is my answer to various why questions from family and friends,

Why design? Why the fashion industry?”

The purpose is that I am part of an all-female committee who are fervent about addressing the issues of domestic violence and passionate about empowering women in our communities to be all that they can be.

‘My why is entrenched in designing fashion for a good cause, which is against domestic violence and abuse on both women and children’.



Meeting the Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce, ex-Governor General of Australia, who was the special speaker at the recent Pacific Fashion Festival event was a huge highlight.

Dame Bryce is a passionate advocate against domestic violence and was recently appointed to lead the task-force that will implement recommendations to Queensland’s State Government to stop this epidemic.

She spoke of a coming together as one to stamp out the crimes committed against women and children. She expressed her outcry that domestic violence is a national disgrace.

This year alone by September, 63 women have died at the hands of their spouse or ex-partners through violence! This is a horrible predicament for our country to be in and for our fellow women to face.


Therefore, I am proud to be involved in the fashion industry for this cause. Through the Pacific Fashion Festival, we made a stand against domestic violence. We utilised the power of a catwalk to raise our voices on the atrocities against women and children, especially in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Capturing an opportunity and advocating against the abuse of women and children makes me proud to launch a fashion for a good cause.

“…it has become an urgent matter, an emergency, to get on with the job as fast as we can to do everything we can to ensure we eliminate family violence,” Dame Bryce.

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